Borsarini Art Furniture

Lorenzo Borsarini Srl boasts decades of experience, thanks to the artisanal knowledge passed down from Vittorino Borsarini in their workshop. They create unique pieces and reproductions from antiquity, collaborating with interior designers and art galleries across Europe.

The Tradition of Artistic Furniture According to Borsarinii

Indeed, the artisanal techniques they use maintain the same procedures of the past, preserving the charm and quality of yesteryears’ craftsmanship, along with the refinement of details and the preciousness of materials.

Borsarini’s furniture references Victorian, French, and Dutch styles, while also exploring various other styles and contexts of artistic furniture, offering services ranging from restoration to the creation of antiqued-style furniture.

In adherence to the finest artisanal tradition, the finishing process retains its original characteristics with water-based colours and shellac varnishes, all hand-finished to ensure lasting value and quality. Borsarini’s furniture is the perfect choice for enthusiasts and connoisseurs of artistic furniture.

The Borsarini workshop is a place where one can find unique and rare pieces, or have their antique furniture restored, thereby enhancing its value, beauty, and durability over time.

Artisanal Craftsmanship

Victorian Style

Our reproductions of Victorian-style furniture are crafted with meticulous attention to every precise detail, using only traditional materials and following the artisanal techniques of the era. This allows us to offer our passionate customers furniture that is identicalin every way to historical originals. The furniture stands out for its linear wood, generally in darkcolours, and rounded shapes.

The richness of large floral and decorative inlays, combined withbronze accents, are the defining elements of this style.

French style

In reproducing furniture in the French style, we not only consider the characteristic elements of French fashion but also utilize materials that are most suitable for the techniques used in the past.

French style is one of the most beloved in the entire history of furniture and is characterized by its light and refined lines, elegant yet imaginative.

The exquisite inlays, crafted with fine wood essences or semi-precious stones, create the rich decorations of these furnishings, bestowing upon them a pleasant and graceful effect.

Dutch Style

Our reproductions of Dutch-style furniture are created with the aim of being extremely faithful to historical originals.

Dutch cabinetmaking tradition has been distinguished over the centuries for its innovations, the mastery of artisans in crafting stunning inlays, and the use of veneers on oak furniture.

Another important characteristic of the Dutch school was the revolutionary use of unusual and exotic materials obtained through trade with the Middle East,such as bamboo cane and the incorporation of lacquer in the painted finishes.

Our Services

  • Restoration of antique furniture
  • Production of handcrafted furniture
  • Making replicas in historical
  • Fine antiques

The tradition of art furniture

Borsarini represents the ancient Italian artisan tradition in the craftsmanship of art furniture.

Over 50 years of history, tradition, and love for the artisanal quality of furniture make Borsarini a reference in the industry in Italy and Europe.

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